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All India Educational Parishad, Delhi provides programmes in English and Hindi medium only. However the Parishad can adopt /undertake any other regional language as a medium as per decision made by the committee constituted by the Parishad.
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Information Letter
Dr. D. Singh.
All India Educational Parishad.Malviya Nagar ,New Delhi-110017
Dear Student.
I am happy to avail myself of this opportunity to the new millennium to send out the massage to all our students and well wishers who have been a part and parcel of All India Educational Parishad,Delhi and inded our strength and raison D’ entre.
As you are well aware this Parishad has been catering to the verious educational needs and particularly professional education to all the needy and disadvantaged section of learners for the past 7 years or so. Now in keeping with the changing needs of our times. AIEP has introduced, as may be seen from the revised prospectus, some new programmes under dipartment of Open and Distance education Secondary,Sr. Secondary and Higher Education abord in information alongwith some sciences technology education which we hope will be of immense benefit to the students and professionals alike to further their skills,reach new goals and cross new frontiers. I have reasons to hope that these new Courses on offer will be taken advantage of by learners who seek admission to AIEP and benefit them.
We need to innovate ,we need to used new tools and we need to improved our skills to keep pace with the changing times.
I wish our our students all success in the new millennium.
  (Dr. D. Singh.)