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All India Educational Parishad, Delhi provides programmes in English and Hindi medium only. However the Parishad can adopt /undertake any other regional language as a medium as per decision made by the committee constituted by the Parishad.
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Rules Regarding Study & Examinatio
1. Students have to join the contact programme of the Parishad regularly.
2. Students should take admission only after being fully satisfied with the utility of the educational programmes conducted by the Parishad and after due consent of the guardians after studying the prospectus thoroughly.
3. No examination and admission fee will be refunded to any student under any circumstances for discontinuance or for non-appearance in the examination.
4. If the student wishes to appear in next year’s examination, he/she will get 50% consession in Programme fees only, but not in other fees and charges. Above consideration can be made on valid grounds only.
5. If the student wishes to appear in examination in the next session, he/she will have to fill up the examination form once again along with fees.
6. Examinations are conducted in the month of Janu-ary and July every year, where as the special session examinations may held in April and October

7. Students intending to appear in the examination should submit their examination form duly filled up, clearing all the dues to the Parishad/ concerned centers latest by the last date declared by the Parishad.