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All India Educational Parishad, Delhi provides programmes in English and Hindi medium only. However the Parishad can adopt /undertake any other regional language as a medium as per decision made by the committee constituted by the Parishad.
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Constitutionality & Reliability
It is but natural for an ambitious lover of education to enquire before seeking admission in any Institution reliability besides employment opportunities. We clarify that all the Educational Institutions (Boards, Councils or Universities) are Autonomous Bodies and it is left to their discretion to allow or refuse admission to those comming from other Universities, Colleges or Institutions etc. Nevertheless they hold a certificate, Diploma or a Degree from a particular Board or Institution.
The All India Educational Parishad, Delhi is an Automous Govt. Registered Organisation Constituted as per provisions of the constitution of India,and Recognised by Regd.Society No 38274/2000 latter vide No.AIEP/F-36/01 Dated on 28/06/01of 54 Seba Sadan Block ,Mandawali ,Delhi 110092, Member of world Association (WANGO) the International Headquaters NY which can spread open education for adult and drop out candidates in Secondary and Senior Secondary level throught India.
The Parishad is run by Socity for P .S .D All India Charecter which is registered under Govt. of India Act XXI of 1860 and NCT ( Govt. of Delhi )is Legal and Voluntery Organisation and has legal right to teaching and training under the provision of constitution. Copies of by-laws, propectus etc. are sent to the various authorities and department of Government of India/State Govt. and Union Teritories by the Society from time to time.